About MiM

mississippi-welcome-signI am completely and unabashedly in love with my home state of Mississippi. Don’t get me wrong, we are far from perfect, but having traveled outside her borders to other states and other countries, I can tell you that when I see the Welcome to Mississippi sign, my heart skips a beat because I’m home.

I was born in Natchez, grew up in Jackson, went to college in Hattiesburg and started my own business in Meridian. I’ve spent more than my fair share of time eating seafood on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, listening to the blues with my feet covered firmly planted in Delta Mud. I’ve driven the Golden Triangle and spent some quality time in Buckatunna.

I think the prettiest road to drive is Highway 28 between Hazlehurst and Fayette or a thousand other two-lane highways around this great state. I’ve happily given a large part of my life to building a business here and trying to improve the image of our state by giving people who are not from our state a friendly smile and hearty welcome. We are the hospitality state after all.

But I’ve always wanted to do something special for our state and to that end, I’ve created this website to showcase all that is great about Mississippi. Our State suffers from an image problem, partly due to the fact that we don’t always celebrate all that is good about the place we call home. Perhaps, we are too humble, or maybe we have a self-image problem, after all, we’ve had our share of rough spots where some of our people have not been too kind to one another.

Putting our best foot forward is really easy because of the sheer number of great things we can celebrate. Therefore, my goal with this website will be to feature all of the great things made in Mississippi, all of the great Artists who are from Mississippi, all the great music and the fun things about our Great State. Hopefully, in the course of this experiment, we’ll all learn at least one new and special thing about the Great State Of Mississippi!

Mississippi is much more than “Mississippi Burning” and this blog will prove we are far better than some think.