Delta Dandelions

Delta Dandelions LLC is an online children and baby boutique based in Clarksdale, Mississippi. The business was started by life-long resident, Jennifer Williams. Since she was a child, she dreamed of opening a business and since she came from a long line of women business owners and entrepreneurs here in


If you’ve ever had a chance to taste one of these delicate treats, then you’ll know why we are pretty proud of the fact that these great wafer cookies are produced right here in Mississippi. If you have not tasted a Pirouline, then by all means, visit their website. Pirouline makes every moment magic. Pirouline exists because what we do best is make all the small moments in our life a little more special. The famous Pirouline

Savvy Gourmand, Inc

Savvy Gourmand originated from the love of food and the idea of owning a business. In 2009, Reed and Amber Hawkins started the business in South Alabama with the manufacturing facility in Mississippi. Amber is the one behind the scenes creating the recipes. At first, they traveled to various tradeshows all over the southeast region to introduce people to the product. After a few shows, the wholesale division of Savvy Gourmand emerged. The company was

Mississippi Festivals Calendar

Brad White is a life-long Mississippian, born in Brookhaven, MS; now living in Ocean Springs, MS. He and his wife, Josette, have a passion for festivals and fairs. Having attended events all over the South, they became convinced Mississippi Events Are The Best Events! They wanted to help promote Mississippi

Rescue Leather Goods

Mississippi-based Zach Peters began leather crafting as a hobby in 2020 to keep busy during quarantine. Over the months, Zach built up enough confidence to share his craft with friends and family. Then, in 2021, he decided to start an online shop (Etsy) to sell his leather creations and he started promoting his unique concept through various channels online. The “rescue” part of Rescue Leather Goods came from his family’s passion for rescue animals. They

Beau Jack’s Mixes

Beau Jack’s mixes are hand made with only the freshest ingredients. Beau Jack’s mixes are made in Mississippi and is available online and in 150 Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana retail locations.

Artifact Beard Oils & Tonics

All Artifact Beard Oils and Tonics are carefully crafted by hand in small batches using on the finest ingredients. Our signature line of 5 different blends contain all-natural ingredients that will leave your beard and skin looking and feeling its best. Created and manufactured proudly in Madison, Mississippi.

Delta Dirt Shirts

Delta Dirt Shirts are the perfect Mississippi souvenir for three reasons: The Mississippi Delta is world famous for cotton, so we begin with a white 100% heavy cotton t-shirt. The t-shirts are then hand dyed with Mississippi mud, using the red clay soil that gives the shirts a marbleized beautiful peach color. Just like nature, no two t-shirts are exactly the same. Local artists have created designs that they would want to wear.  Featuring artwork

Hammerhead Armor

Hammerhead Armor was started in 2008 by employees of Hol-Mac Corporation. Hol-Mac is known for creating the highest quality of heavy equipment. Inspired by the strength of Hol-Mac’s steel, some off-road enthusiasts in the company decided they wanted to produce something they were passionate about: the best aftermarket bumper possible. They created Hammerhead Armor and began making high-quality bumpers that bolt directly to a vehicle’s frame. No cutting, welding, or drilling required. Held to the

Fudge Etc. – Fudge Lovers Fudge

Looking for something sweet? You need to check out Fudge Etc! Janet and Wallace Heggie are the owners of a specialty fudge business located in Meridian, MS and they create some of the creamiest, tastiest fudge you will ever put in your mouth. Fudge is one of those interesting sweet

The Mississippi Arts + Entertainment Experience

The Mississippi Arts + Entertainment Experience (The MAX) is Mississippi’s best opportunity to showcase Mississippi’s worldwide legacy in every area of the arts, to honor Mississippi’s legends in arts and entertainment and to inspire tomorrow’s artists through exhibitions, performances, classes, and events. After 17 years of development from an idea to a reality, The Max opened in downtown Meridian, MS in the summer of 2018 with fanfare and high expectations. The Max will blend a

Windsor Ruins – Port Gibson, Mississippi

I have a memory of being taken as a child to see the Windsor Ruins and I remember standing in the midst of the columns and wondering what the house looked like before it was destroyed. I also remembering being told that the fire that burned down the house was

The Mississippi Gift Company

The Mississippi Gift Company is a national mail order catalog and online gift company that specializes exclusively in food and gift items handcrafted in Mississippi for 20 years, The Mississippi Gift Company has scouted out the best Mississippi food, gift baskets, artwork and more to provide the largest selection of

Norris Bookbinding Company

Norris Bookbinding Company is the nation’s largest Bible repair and Family Bible repair company serving customers in all 50 states, 30 foreign countries and over 500 dealers nationwide and is located in Greenwood, MS. From the company website: Norris Bookbinding Company was founded in 1947 by Mr. and Mrs. H.H.

The Mississippi River Basin Model

The Mississippi River Basin Model, located in the Buddy Butts Park near Clinton, Mississippi, was built as a large-scale hydraulic model of the entire Mississippi River basin and it covers an area of 200 acres. It took from 1943 to 1966 to build it and the experiment station was in operation from 1949 until 1973. The model is now overgrown, but it you can still visit the station from within the Buddy Butts Park. In

Natchez Trace Parkway

Route 66 may be “The Mother Road”, but if that is true, then the Natchez Trace is “The Great Grandmother Road.” With family living in the Natchez area and having spent most of my life in Central Mississippi, I’ve have plenty of opportunities in my life to experience the Natchez

82 Counties, 1 Mississippi

When I was in the eighth grade, I was required to take two classes that were both one semester long. The first was a Civics class that was focused on teaching the basics of U.S. Citizenship and how the United States worked. The second semester, the class changed its focus to the State Of Mississippi. We learned about our state legislature, the local governance, and Mississippi history. It was one of my first formal exposures

Atlas Roofing Corporation

If you spend any significant time in Meridian, Mississippi, you’ll hear someone mention Atlas Roofing Corporation. The company is a lot like Peavey Corporation in the sense that if you live in Meridian, someone you know or someone you are related to works or used to work there. From their

Ward’s Restaurant

Back when I was a student at the University of Southern Mississippi in Hattiesburg, MS, one of the local favorites for burgers was the Ward’s Restaurant on Hardy Street just before you cross the bridge over I-59. Well, the address is technically 101 Thornhill Drive, Hattiesburg, MS, but if you decide

Mississippi State Beverage – Milk

Milk was designated the official state beverage of Mississippi in 1984. Milk has been called a nearly perfect food – a source of protein, calcium, and several other important nutrients. Of the 26 States that have selected an official beverage 20 of them have picked milk. Rhode Island chose milk