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wards_logoBack when I was a student at the University of Southern Mississippi in Hattiesburg, MS, one of the local favorites for burgers was the Ward’s Restaurant on Hardy Street just before you cross the bridge over I-59. Well, the address is technically 101 Thornhill Drive, Hattiesburg, MS, but if you decide to visit Hattiesburg, just stop and ask someone where the Ward’s on Hardy Street is and they’ll get you there. As they say, you can’t miss it.

What I can confirm is that if you’ve never had a Ward’s Chili Dog, a “Big One” with Chili and Cheese or a “Ward’s Quarter” then you’ve lived a sheltered life. So, as soon as you can, find the Ward’s nearest you and order a great burger and frosty mug of homemade root beer and then decide whether I’m telling you the truth.

From the Ward’s website:

Richard and Ed Ward opened the first Ward’s location May 28, 1978. The two brothers rotated shifts with one working early and one working late. It was years before some customers ever realized there were two of them! They thought one hard-working man owned and operated the new concept on his own. The years of hard work and long hours paid off as Ward’s developed its own identity and following of loyal customers. Known for delicious homemade chili and smooth as silk homemade Root beer, Ward’s has grown to 39 locations over the past 35 years and shows no signs of slowing down.

wards_chili_dogThe signature hamburgers are lovingly referred to as the “Big One” and the “Little On.” Dressed with Ward’s homemade chili and signature sauce these favorites are two of the most popular on the menu. The homemade chili is not just used on hamburgers. OH NO! Ward’s chili is served on our own Chili Dogs. What better way to conquer the munchies than with a Big One Combo and a Ward’s Chili Dog on the side!

For those who choose not to indulge in Ward’s Chili there are other options! The Ward’s Quarter is just what your personal trainer would approve of! Lettuce and tomato dress this burger just right to make you feel good about yourself. However, if you insist, there is also a delicious line of salads and wraps available to help you watch your waistline.

From Breakfast, to lunch and on through out the evening Ward’s has something for almost any appetite and to please any taste. New menu concepts include the addition of Sweet Potato Fries and Real Fruit Smoothies. Ward’s is the best of both worlds merging the ole time menu items of years past and the best of whats new.

7 thoughts on “Ward’s Restaurant

  1. Jason Tone says:

    I love Wards. Wish there was one in Texas.

  2. Rafer C Collins says:

    Is it one in Bay st. Louis miss.

  3. Christina Reed says:

    Wish they would open a ward’s in Gallatin Tn. I use to live in Ellisville Ms and that was one of my favorite places

  4. Rhonda G Jackson says:

    Can you buy your chili seasoning mix in a grocery store thank you

  5. Andretta Pruitt says:

    When I was a child there was a Ward’s in Butler,Al and I loved their chili burgers. I miss it so much I often wonder how the chili was made it was the best.

  6. Jerry Henley says:

    They opened one in Vancleave and there’s no doubt it’s a big hit !
    The tomato gravy is fantastic !

  7. April Husband says:

    Hello im April Husband I’m originally from Laurel Mississippi and I’m now living in Goodlettsville TN been here since 2001 I’ve told many stories about wards restaurant in the south remember taco John on 16th laurel Ms not even a mile from wards guess what it’s been here in Smyrna tn for about 5 or 6 years I think you guys should bring a wards to Goodlettsville and I’ll run it just like it’s required I can be reached by email if interested thanks in advance

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