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Mississippi-based Zach Peters began leather crafting as a hobby in 2020 to keep busy during quarantine. Over the months, Zach built up enough confidence to share his craft with friends and family. Then, in 2021, he decided to start an online shop (Etsy) to sell his leather creations and he started promoting his unique concept through various channels online.

The “rescue” part of Rescue Leather Goods came from his family’s passion for rescue animals. They current have two dogs from local rescues. Over time they met so many great folks in the pet rescue community, Zach knew he had to do something to give back in appreciation for their dedication. So he committed to give ten-percent (10%) of each and every sale to various rescue groups. Rescue Leather Goods randomly chooses a group to donate to each month. It’s a fun way to give back to the community and his customers love seeing their purchases go to a good cause.

Helping a pet rescue groups might not be the first thing you think of when shopping for a new wallet, bag or other goods, but Rescue Leather Goods sees it as the perfect way to help a rescue organization and have a lasting token to hold on to and use every day. Whether it is for yourself, or a gift for someone else, you will always have the memory of helping out our furry friends! Hopefully, every time a person pulls out their Rescue Leather wallet or clutch, they will be reminded to continue to support those rescue organizations which depend upon donations to make a difference in the life of pets searching of safe and secure forever homes.

This is currently a part-time venture for Zach, so a lot of his designs are created “on-demand” for his customers. This allows him to use the very best materials, while creating a unique, custom pieces for customer. And, if there is enough demand for any particular piece, it will become a permanent addition to their product line up.

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