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The South is well-known for it’s culinary delights and in particular, our deep-fried delicacies. Everyone has their favorite (usually secret) recipes and some folks even become famous because of their fried specialties. One such person is Jerry “Beau Jack” Vaughn who has become well known for hush puppies he makes using his mother’s recipe. For years, he has been asked to cook them at all types of events.

One day the good folks at the local church, where Beau Jack and his wife Pat attended, were looking for a way to raise some funds for a project and the pastor’s wife suggested since everyone loved Beau Jack’s hush puppies, perhaps Beau Jack would be willing to make up some bags of his hush puppy mix and sell them at the local farmer’s market to raise money. This way anyone could cook Beau Jack’s hush puppies at home and enjoy the golden fried morsels.

The goal was to sell fifty bags of hush puppy mix and they were all sold within two hours and people wanted more! It was at that moment Beau Jack and his wife knew they were onto something big.

Soon, they were selling Beau Jack’s Hush Puppy Mix at farmer’s markets and festivals all around the State of Mississippi. They found success by cooking samples of their hush puppy mix at the events and while the aroma alone was enough to help sell the mixes, when people tasted the hush puppies themselves, they just couldn’t get enough!

There are a lot of hush puppy recipes out there, but Beau Jack’s Hushpuppy recipe was passed down to him from his mother, Odean Vaughn, who was the original hush puppy Queen! Passing down recipes is a Southern tradition started by families wanting to preserve and enjoy foods made just “like grandma used to make”. The Vaughn family has always put their heart and soul into every dish they cooked. Fortunately, they shared their recipes and love with generations of Vaughns through the years. Essentially, at Beau Jack’s, they are simply just continuing the tradition of sharing the foods they love with everyone who purchases any of Beau Jack’s Mixes.

Over time, Beau Jack’s expanded their product line to include a variety of mixes. For example, as the weather became cooler toward the end of the 2013, they decided a deer steak mix recipe handed down from Beau Jack’s grandfather would be a great addition to their offerings. Their customers loved the flavor and the deer steak mix became their second big hit. People liked it so much they bought the mixes as Christmas stocking stuffers! It was the perfect answer to the age old question, “What do you buy a deer hunter for Christmas?”

Beau Jack’s has always been driven to make their customers happy and one of the secrets to their success so far has been their willingness to listen to their customers. After beginning their journey into retail marketplaces, a local butcher in a small town asked if Beau Jack’s could make a batter mix that would work for beef or pork. The results was a Country Fried Steak Mix which has sold very well, satisfying the request of the butcher and giving customers a new, easy and quick way to make great country fried steaks!

Every product Beau Jack’s makes is passed from their family to yours and includes over 100 years worth of family recipes. All of their products are made just north of Meridian, MS. The ingredients are purchased from local Mississippi suppliers. All of Beau Jack’s products are made in Mississippi by a Mississippi family using Mississippi recipes.

And the customers love it!

Beau Jack’s is available online and in 150 retail locations in Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana. Beau Jack’s mixes are hand made with only the freshest ingredients.

Beau Jack hope you’ll give them a try because he knows your family will love Beau Jack’s Mixes as much as his family does.

Learn more or order Beau Jack’s Mixes online at their website:

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