82 Counties, 1 Mississippi

When I was in the eighth grade, I was required to take two classes that were both one semester long. The first was a Civics class that was focused on teaching the basics of U.S. Citizenship and how the United States worked. The second semester, the class changed its focus to the State Of Mississippi. We learned about our state legislature, the local governance, and Mississippi history. It was one of my first formal exposures to my responsibilities as a citizen and the pride of being a resident of the Great State Of Mississippi.

I’m not sure if schools still teach Civics or State classes like that, but if not, then it is a sad thing because if kids do not learn the things to be proud about in their Country and their State, then how can they be expected to have enough pride in where they live to try and make it better. That’s one of the underlying reasons for the MadeInMississippi.us website in the first place. I wanted to build a website where people could come and browse for hours and learn about the greatness of Mississippi.

Ok, I’ll get off my soapbox now.

Anyway, when I was in my State Civics class, one of the first things we had to do was memorize the names of all eighty-two counties and then recite them back to the class. I’m not sure if the memorization had any impact on my understanding of the state, but I can tell you for certain that it made me more aware of the wide variety of lifestyles that occur naturally within the arbitrary political lines that separate us.

From the deep gullies of Adams County to the flat, alluvial plain of Sunflower County to the gulf shores of Harrison County to the low hills of Lauderdale County; the land itself influences the people who live there in ways that we can scarcely imagine. Generations of writers from William Faulkner to Eudora Welty to Willie Morris to John Grisham to Greg Iles have all spent thousands of words and pages trying to explain the impact of this soil on its people.

There’s no way I can convey in this short article the depth of the roots of the people who are born and raised here. Nor can I explain any part of what I’m trying to describe. People who were born and raised here know instinctively what I’m trying to say, but words are such fickle things they come in floods and yet still fail to adequately convey my meaning.

The best possible reaction to this post would be for people to post their feelings or descriptions of the county they were born and raised in below in the comment section and then we could all work together to give a more complete picture of the life, the land and the people that live in eighty-two separate counties that collectively make up the Great State Of Mississippi.

Here’s the full list of all the State Counties (click here to learn more):

CountyCounty seatEstablishedPopulationArea
Adams CountyNatchez179932,297460 sq mi
Alcorn CountyCorinth187037,057400 sq mi
Amite CountyLiberty180913,131730 sq mi
Attala CountyKosciusko183319,564735 sq mi
Benton CountyAshland18708,729407 sq mi
Bolivar CountyCleveland and Rosedale183634,145876 sq mi
Calhoun CountyPittsboro185214,962587 sq mi
Carroll CountyCarrollton and Vaiden183310,597628 sq mi
Chickasaw CountyHouston and Okolona183617,392502 sq mi
Choctaw CountyAckerman18338,547419 sq mi
Claiborne CountyPort Gibson18029,604487 sq mi
Clarke CountyQuitman183316,732691 sq mi
Clay CountyWest Point187120,634409 sq mi
Coahoma CountyClarksdale183626,151554 sq mi
Copiah CountyHazlehurst182329,449777 sq mi
Covington CountyCollins181919,568414 sq mi
DeSoto CountyHernando1836161,252478 sq mi
Forrest CountyHattiesburg190674,934467 sq mi
Franklin CountyMeadville18098,118565 sq mi
George CountyLucedale191022,578478 sq mi
Greene CountyLeakesville181114,400713 sq mi
Grenada CountyGrenada187021,906422 sq mi
Hancock CountyBay Saint Louis181243,929477 sq mi
Harrison CountyGulfport and Biloxi1841187,105581 sq mi
Hinds CountyJackson and Raymond1821245,285869 sq mi
Holmes CountyLexington183319,198756 sq mi
Humphreys CountyBelzoni19189,375418 sq mi
Issaquena CountyMayersville18441,406413 sq mi
Itawamba CountyFulton183623,401532 sq mi
Jackson CountyPascagoula1812139,668727 sq mi
Jasper CountyBay Springs and Paulding183317,062676 sq mi
Jefferson CountyFayette17997,726519 sq mi
Jefferson Davis CountyPrentiss190612,487408 sq mi
Jones CountyLaurel and Ellisville182667,761694 sq mi
Kemper CountyDe Kalb183310,456766 sq mi
Lafayette CountyOxford183647,351631 sq mi
Lamar CountyPurvis190455,658497 sq mi
Lauderdale CountyMeridian183380,261704 sq mi
Lawrence CountyMonticello181412,929431 sq mi
Leake CountyCarthage183323,805583 sq mi
Lee CountyTupelo186682,910450 sq mi
Leflore CountyGreenwood187132,317592 sq mi
Lincoln CountyBrookhaven187034,869586 sq mi
Lowndes CountyColumbus183059,779502 sq mi
Madison CountyCanton182895,203719 sq mi
Marion CountyColumbia181127,088542 sq mi
Marshall CountyHolly Springs183637,144706 sq mi
Monroe CountyAberdeen182136,989764 sq mi
Montgomery CountyWinona187110,925407 sq mi
Neshoba CountyPhiladelphia183329,676570 sq mi
Newton CountyDecatur183621,720578 sq mi
Noxubee CountyMacon183311,545695 sq mi
Oktibbeha CountyStarkville183347,671458 sq mi
Panola CountyBatesville and Sardis183634,707684 sq mi
Pearl River CountyPoplarville189055,834812 sq mi
Perry CountyNew Augusta182012,250647 sq mi
Pike CountyMagnolia181540,404409 sq mi
Pontotoc CountyPontotoc183629,957497 sq mi
Prentiss CountyBooneville187025,276415 sq mi
Quitman CountyMarks18778,223405 sq mi
Rankin CountyBrandon1828141,617775 sq mi
Scott CountyForest183328,264609 sq mi
Sharkey CountyRolling Fork18764,916428 sq mi
Simpson CountyMendenhall182427,503589 sq mi
Smith CountyRaleigh183316,491636 sq mi
Stone CountyWiggins191617,786445 sq mi
Sunflower CountyIndianola184429,450694 sq mi
Tallahatchie CountyCharleston and Sumner183315,378644 sq mi
Tate CountySenatobia187328,886404 sq mi
Tippah CountyRipley183622,232458 sq mi
Tishomingo CountyIuka183619,593424 sq mi
Tunica CountyTunica183610,778455 sq mi
Union CountyNew Albany187027,134416 sq mi
Walthall CountyTylertown191215,443404 sq mi
Warren CountyVicksburg180948,773587 sq mi
Washington CountyGreenville182751,137724 sq mi
Wayne CountyWaynesboro180920,747810 sq mi
Webster CountyWalthall187410,253423 sq mi
Wilkinson CountyWoodville18029,878677 sq mi
Winston CountyLouisville183319,198607 sq mi
Yalobusha CountyWater Valley and Coffeeville183312,678467 sq mi
Yazoo CountyYazoo City182328,065920 sq mi

Map Courtesy of Digital-Topo-Maps.com

3 thoughts on “82 Counties, 1 Mississippi

  1. Harry Freeman says:

    Hello, I grew up in MS and like many of us have sort of a love hate relationship with things Mississippi. That said, I like your site a lot. Several years ago, fearing I was on the slippery slope
    to dementia, I memorized the counties and county seats. Turns out my fears of decline were unfounded ( well, at least so far ). Of course, from time to time I need to reup my memorized list. Your concise list is helpful. thanks. Incidentally, I learned that, ” I know all the county seats in Mississippi” is not a very effective pick up line. Good luck.

  2. Emma says:

    I am helping my 8th grader complete a project for MS Studies! He had to draw a map of the state and label the counties and their seats and the date of creation. What we can’t figure out is what the colors of the counties mean. Could you help explain that? Thank you!

  3. As far as I can tell, the colors are only used to visually distinguish each county separately. However, you may notice there is no place on the map where two counties with the same color touch. Therefore while the map colors do not necessarily represent anything, it does bring up an interesting math theorem called the “Four Color Theorem”. The Four Color Theorem, or the four color map theorem, states that no more than four colors are required to color the regions of any map so that no two adjacent regions have the same color. In this case, there are four colors used on the map: yellow, green, blue and orange. Actually, this is a very interesting topic and worth of a side study whenever you get a chance. Click To Learn More!

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