Delta Dirt Shirts

Delta Dirt Shirts are the perfect Mississippi souvenir for three reasons:

  1. The Mississippi Delta is world famous for cotton, so we begin with a white 100% heavy cotton t-shirt.
  2. The t-shirts are then hand dyed with Mississippi mud, using the red clay soil that gives the shirts a marbleized beautiful peach color. Just like nature, no two t-shirts are exactly the same.
  3. Local artists have created designs that they would want to wear.  Featuring artwork by Don Jacobs whose extensive mural in the Governor’s Mansion grabbed a lot of attention, Drew Harris whose mural work is found all over Vicksburg, and Carrie Chennault, a young energic up-and-coming graphics artist out of Clinton.

Launching with 5 original designs that highlight all that is good in Mississippi the screen prints include a catfish, a steamboat, Crossroads guitars, Edward Tree’s concert “Blues” guitar and a Mighty MS image with many local icons.  Although there are 5 “original” designs a new design is set to be released every quarter.   When you wear a Delta Dirt Shirt, you’re truly wearing Mississippi.

Delta Dirt Shirts is based in Vicksburg, and born from the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 by Kendra Reed.  Fearing that retailers and artist friends would suffer economic uncertainty, Delta Dirt Shirts was created to keep Mississippi working.  Specializing in unique local swag, and focusing on the natural hand dyed process.  These tees are not like any other Southern themed shirts.  Delta Dirt Shirts are available in many retail outlets found at our online store;  Please like and follow us on Facebook @DeltaDirtShirt.

Delta Dirt Shirts is one of the first participants in the Vicksburg Chamber of Commerce Entrepreneurship Bootcamp series facilitated by Rob Burnham and Venture Incubator and a contender for the grant.  Partnering with the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) and other excellent resources like MadeInMississippi its hard to find anything more home grown than Delta Dirt Shirt.

Be sure to get yours!

2 thoughts on “Delta Dirt Shirts

  1. Darlene says:

    How too order a shirt

  2. Hi Darlene. I’m sorry it’s taken a while to get back to you. You can order from our website at or you can pick one up from one of our local retailers listed on our website.

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