Mississippi Cheese Straws

From the website of the Mississippi Cheese Straw Factory:

Founded in 1991 in Yazoo City, Mississippi, where the love of good food and hospitality run deep, Mississippi Cheese Straw Factory® began in the kitchen of the Yerger family with an heirloom family recipe for cheddar cheese straws. When Mom decided to apply her culinary genius in launching our business, she was inspired by the spirit of our dad, a man who loved life and loved good food.

Our mom has since created a variety of savory cheese-straw flavors, as well as creating the concept of the “cookie straw” to delight those who have a taste for the “sweeter things in life.” Mississippi Cheese Straw Factory’s delicious products are baked and shipped fresh daily from our family-owned bakery to thousands of stores and individuals nationally and internationally.

Our classic gourmet straws and cookies have become staples as gifts for every occasion — weddings, corporate events, holidays and more. They are also perfect to be enjoyed as a delectable indulgence — just for you!

Street Address:

Mississippi Cheese Straw Factory
741 E 8th Street
Yazoo City, Mississippi 39194

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By Phone:

Fax 662-746-7162

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