Soaply Divine

soaply-divineSoaply Divine, located in Meridian, MS, is a small family-owned and operated business consisting of a mom, a dad and four boys. Our adventure into the world of artisan skin care really began after their children were born. The mom had always suffered from sensitive, tempermental skin. Unfortunately, her sons inherited these skin ailments too.

Thus began their search for better skin care products. After much research, they came to the conclusion that artisan skin care was the only answer. The commercial bath and body industry was simply too saturated with unnecessary chemicals. After purchasing artisan soap for a few years they soon ventured into the world of making soap for themselves.

After noticing drastic improvements in their skin, they knew they had found a good thing. Friends and family soon became interested… Turns out artisan soap also makes great gifts! And as faith would have it, Soaply Divine was born!

Soaply Divine is committed to providing consumers with luxurious, eco-friendly, artisan bath and body products- taking care of your body from the outside in.

Soaply Divine’s Luxurious Artisan Soaps are made with the purest vegatable based oils and butters. Our soaps are scented with primarily essential oils and and occasionally phathlate free fragrance oils. We DO NOT use pre-made bases. All of our luxurious bath and body products are made completely from scratch. Soaply Divine does not use animal products. All of our products are vegan-friendly. We use coconut milk instead of goat’s milk. Our oils and butters are also vegetable based. Soaply Divine currently uses sustainable ingredients where ever possible. We also print our soap labels on seeded paper, so if you plant our labels, you’ll get a wonderful bouquet of flowers with every purchase you make!

Your body is affected not only by what you consume, but also by what your skin comes in contact with. Your skin is the largest organ on your body. Let us help you protect it!

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