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Delta Dandelions

Delta Dandelions LLC is an online children and baby boutique based in Clarksdale, Mississippi. The business was started by life-long resident, Jennifer Williams. Since she was a child, she dreamed of opening a business and since she came from a long line of women business owners and entrepreneurs here in Mississippi, it was a natural dream for a little girl to have. With the help of her two daughters and the support of her husband, she finally achieved her dream of store ownership.

Together, Jennifer and her daughters work very hard to find classic clothing and items for children & babies which are not readily available in our area. They also look for brands which are new and exciting. The goal is to have a children’s boutique stocked full of items which stand the test of time and yet are new and forward thinking.

At Delta Dandelions, they’re passionate about providing high-quality and stylish baby and children’s clothing, accessories, and unique gifts. It all started when Jennifer, a new grandmother, struggled to find clothes, essentials, and keepsakes which were both practical, unique, and fashionable, so she started Delta Dandelions to offer a solution to other parents, grandparents, friends, and families facing the same challenge. They are a baby and children’s clothing and gift boutique carrying organic clothing, boutique clothing, children’s jewelry, toys, baby and children’s room decor.  A must see is their beautiful newborn boutique clothing. The mission of this company is to make dressing and gifting your little ones fun and hassle-free.

Delta Dandelions offers a wide range of clothing and gifts for babies and children, from newborn up. The items include onesies, rompers, dresses, pants, jackets, shoes, and more. All products are made with high-quality materials that are soft and comfortable for little ones to wear. They have a variety of gifts including organic clothing, boutique clothing, children’s jewelry, toys, baby and children’s room decor. Everything you need for your little ones can be found at Delta Dandelions!

Although Delta Dandelions is an online boutique, they try to provide the small-town feel and southern hospitality Mississippians are known for. They can provide one-on-one assistance in finding the perfect outfit, gift, or baby bedding. The team has spent time scouring suppliers’ sites and they love the thrill of the shopping hunt and finding the perfect items desired by their customers.

At the time of this writing, they are an online presence only, but Delta Dandelions would love to set up Zoom or custom in-person shopping appointments. You can click here to book an online Zoom appointment, or better yet, click here to book an in-store appointment. They have a showroom and free onsite pickup.

Jennifer hopes to grow Delta Dandelions LLC into the boutique she have dreamed of and knows it can be. The long term goal is to have a storefront in Mississippi in the future and a mobile boutique to attend markets and festivals to spread the word about their website.

The team is made up of Jennifer Dawn Overton Williams and her two daughters, Aubrey and Emily.

Delta Dandelions is Unique, Classy and Special!!!

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If you’ve ever had a chance to taste one of these delicate treats, then you’ll know why we are pretty proud of the fact that these great wafer cookies are produced right here in Mississippi.

If you have not tasted a Pirouline, then by all means, visit their website.

Pirouline makes every moment magic. Pirouline exists because what we do best is make all the small moments in our life a little more special. The famous Pirouline swirl is your reassurance that you are enjoying the original Pirouline rolled wafers, baked fresh every day right here in Madison, Mississippi. All of those other rolled wafers made in factories overseas (and shipped across the ocean in huge shipping containers) may try to look like Pirouline, but they don’t have our swirl. Or our fresh, delicious taste!

In 1984, 3rd generation Belgium baker Peter De Beukelaer, seeking the American dream, moved to Mississippi and founded Pirouline, an innovative cookie company. Pirouline cookies are slowly toasted, rolled wafers filled with creme and sealed with an iconic and cylindrical stripe. Peter introduced a range of technical and baking innovations to create the trademarked signature swirl on the rolled wafers. Today, Pirouline is still a family business and are produced in a 115,000-square-foot baking facility that supports 200-plus team members.




European Antique Auction Gallery

European Antique Auction Gallery is a family-owned business that features the largest, ever-changing imported inventory of the fine antiques in the Southeast. We have maintained a highly respected reputation while supplying thousands of dealers, shop owners, and retail customers. We have auctions monthly and sell out of our warehouse daily.

We are open for everyone to shop, Monday through Saturday, 9-5.

We are located at 45 Bullock Road in Seminary, MS 39479.

You may have seen us on past episodes of HGTV’s ‘Home Town.’ We are pleased to announce we will be working with Ben, Erin, and the team for future seasons!

As seen on HGTV’s Hometown!


Savvy Gourmand, Inc

Savvy Gourmand originated from the love of food and the idea of owning a business. In 2009, Reed and Amber Hawkins started the business in South Alabama with the manufacturing facility in Mississippi. Amber is the one behind the scenes creating the recipes. At first, they traveled to various tradeshows all over the southeast region to introduce people to the product. After a few shows, the wholesale division of Savvy Gourmand emerged. The company was passed along to Donna Hawkins-McNeece, who runs it out of Mississippi now.

We pride ourselves on developing our own original recipes and if you compare the quantity of the ingredients to other dip and cheese ball companies; there is no comparison. The packaging allows the customer to see exactly what they are buying.

Our ALL TIME TOP SELLERS are the Pineapple Pecan Chicken Salad Mix, Turtle Cheesecake Cheeseball, Strawberry Cheesecake, Blueberry Blast, BLT, Cheesy Buffalo Ranch, Kickin Cajun, and Spinach Cheese.

Visit our website to learn more or to contact us!


Mississippi Festivals Calendar

Brad White is a life-long Mississippian, born in Brookhaven, MS; now living in Ocean Springs, MS. He and his wife, Josette, have a passion for festivals and fairs. Having attended events all over the South, they became convinced Mississippi Events Are The Best Events! They wanted to help promote Mississippi festivals but they wished they had a calendar to keep up with all the great events held around Mississippi.

After a lot of thought and research, they realized they could achieve both goals at the same time and so they created the Mississippi Festivals Calendar! Their idea quickly became a mission to produce an up-to-date calendar to help spread the word about Mississippi Festivals and to help people plan their own trips to attend these events!

In May of 2022, they formed a company (Mississippi Festivals Calendar, LLC), partnered with a Biloxi printing company, compiled a list of over 180 festivals and fairs held in 90 cities and towns in five regions around our fair state and now the 2023 Mississippi Festivals Calendar is available to the general public! This beautiful wall calendar lists all festivals by name, date and location. Plus they are color coded by region to make it even easier for users to plan their trips.

This is a Mississippi-owned company created by Mississippi folks producing a product right here in Mississippi to celebrate great Mississippi events! It just doesn’t get any better than that! Plus, any festival or fair in Mississippi is listed free of charge with the express goal of promoting as many events as possible!

The wall calendars are 12.5 inches by 9.5 inches and are printed in full color. There are 28 pages in total and is saddle stitched, trimmed and hole punched for hanging. Calendars may be purchased for $20 each and would make great gifts to friends and family.

If you would like to learn more about the Mississippi Festivals Calendar, get listed, purchase calendars, or sponsor an ad please contact:

Mississippi Festivals Calendar, LLC
Ocean Springs, MS
t: 504-450-6367

Or visit their Facebook page at:


McClain Resort

Buddy and Joni McClain are the proprietors of McClain Lodge, General Store & Restaurants. Buddy has owned and operated multiple restaurants for over 40 years, and Joni has provided impeccable event planning for over 25 years. Each embodies the hospitality made famous in our state. Together, they stop at nothing to bring every guest an unrivaled experience.

What is now a natural haven of nearly 2,000 acres began when Buddy and Joni got married in the Chapel and soon after they began what was to become a labor of love when they purchased the original 468-acre property. When adjoining acreage became available, they jumped at the chance to expand their boundaries. The added property included what is now the Guest House, which was built between 1837 and 1841. Now beautifully renovated, the Guest House offers all the amenities of home, coupled with the quaint feel of days gone by.

At McClain Resort, you can truly get away from it all. Enjoy the great outdoors, along with the best amenities today has to offer. You can even step into another place altogether. Observe our exotic animals as they roam throughout the property, looking every bit as natural here as on the Serengeti.

As a wedding venue, The McClain Lodge is flexible enough to host weddings which range from quiet, intimate affairs to boisterous celebrations of life and love. No matter how you envision your special day, let us help you make it a dream come true. Our staff specializes in tailoring each aspect of your wedding to perfection.

The McClain Lodge is also the perfect getaway! The Lodge itself is the centerpiece and has 5 bedrooms, each with private baths. The main living room features a soaring stone fireplace, a unique deer antler chandelier and comfy seating. There is a full, nicely equipped kitchen, plus 2 half baths for guests. McClain has also opened beautiful new cabins for overnight stays. The main cabin is a 4-bedroom affair and there are 12 individual guest rooms for rent as well. The Main Cabin & Individual Guest Rooms feature new and comfortable luxury amenities.

The General Store has a grocery store, a butcher shop, a bakery & coffee shop as well as a unique collection of Mississippi made products and local produce.

If you are hungry, there are plenty of options to choose from such as The Steak House serving locally sourced & freshly prepared steaks, or check out the private dining available at The Livery. The Trophy Room features great food, wine & spirits while The Buffett is serving up home cooked meals for lunch and dinner.

And don’t miss the McClain Safari Park. The award winning drive-thru safari tour lets you enjoy interacting with exotic animals from the comfort of your own vehicle. If you prefer, you can even book a private tour where the guides will take you to their favorite spots on the property and get you up close and personal with the animals.

McClain Lodge is ready to take care of every detail for you next special even whether a wedding, corporate event, catered event or even birthday parties. Let their staff make your next even something people will be talking about for years!


Contact McClain Lodge:

McClain Lodge
314 Clark Creek Road
Brandon, MS 39047
601-829-1101 Ext. 2

Contact McClain Resort:

McClain Resort Restaurants | General Store| Safari
874 Holly Bush Road
Brandon, MS 39047

When my wife and I toured the Safari park, we made lots of friends:

Eudora Welty

When I was in high school, I was required to read a Eudora Welty short story for a class. At the time, I only knew Eudora was a writer from Mississippi and she lived in Jackson, MS at the time. It was my first exposure to her work and I can honestly say the story, “A Worn Path” has stuck with me my entire life. The effort made by a grandmother to walk to the druggist to get medicine for her grandson has carved an indelible image in my mind. Having strong family relationships is just one of the perks of growing up in the South especially with grandparents. But then again, so is the place where you find yourself and Welty returned to the concepts of family and place throughout her career.

From Wikipedia: Eudora Alice Welty (April 13, 1909 – July 23, 2001) was an American short story writer, novelist and photographer, who wrote about the American South. Her novel The Optimist’s Daughter won the Pulitzer Prize in 1973. Welty received numerous awards, including the Presidential Medal of Freedom and the Order of the South. She was the first living author to have her works published by the Library of America. Her house in Jackson, Mississippi, has been designated as a National Historic Landmark and is open to the public as a house museum. Eudora Welty was born in Jackson, Mississippi, the daughter of Christian Webb Welty (1879–1931) and Mary Chestina (Andrews) Welty (1883–1966). She grew up with younger brothers Edward Jefferson and Walter Andrews. Her mother was a schoolteacher. Welty soon developed a love of reading reinforced by her mother, who believed that “any room in our house, at any time in the day, was there to read in, or to be read to.” Her father, who worked as an insurance executive, was intrigued by gadgets and machines and inspired in Welty a love of mechanical things. She later used technology for symbolism in her stories and also became an avid photographer, like her father.

I’m pretty sure Mississippi would not have been the same without Eudora Welty, but then again, I’m also not sure Eudora Welty would have been the same without Mississippi. There’s an old saying down here that there’s just something in the water, or the air, or the humidity which creates an environment for creative expression whether in literature, music, art or character. Whatever the “something” is, Eudora harnessed it and turned it into a life-long writing career which took her from Jackson to Memphis to New York and ultimately all over the world.

Learn more about Eudora Welty’s life and her works at The Eudora Welty Foundation. The Foundation’s broad mission is to fund educational and research activities and to develop programs that will enhance Eudora Welty’s legacy and ensure that her work continues to be recognized as among the greatest in American literature.

Rescue Leather Goods

Rescue Leather Goods Logo

Mississippi-based Zach Peters began leather crafting as a hobby in 2020 to keep busy during quarantine. Over the months, Zach built up enough confidence to share his craft with friends and family. Then, in 2021, he decided to start an online shop (Etsy) to sell his leather creations and he started promoting his unique concept through various channels online.

The “rescue” part of Rescue Leather Goods came from his family’s passion for rescue animals. They current have two dogs from local rescues. Over time they met so many great folks in the pet rescue community, Zach knew he had to do something to give back in appreciation for their dedication. So he committed to give ten-percent (10%) of each and every sale to various rescue groups. Rescue Leather Goods randomly chooses a group to donate to each month. It’s a fun way to give back to the community and his customers love seeing their purchases go to a good cause.

Helping a pet rescue groups might not be the first thing you think of when shopping for a new wallet, bag or other goods, but Rescue Leather Goods sees it as the perfect way to help a rescue organization and have a lasting token to hold on to and use every day. Whether it is for yourself, or a gift for someone else, you will always have the memory of helping out our furry friends! Hopefully, every time a person pulls out their Rescue Leather wallet or clutch, they will be reminded to continue to support those rescue organizations which depend upon donations to make a difference in the life of pets searching of safe and secure forever homes.

This is currently a part-time venture for Zach, so a lot of his designs are created “on-demand” for his customers. This allows him to use the very best materials, while creating a unique, custom pieces for customer. And, if there is enough demand for any particular piece, it will become a permanent addition to their product line up.

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Beau Jack’s Mixes

The South is well-known for it’s culinary delights and in particular, our deep-fried delicacies. Everyone has their favorite (usually secret) recipes and some folks even become famous because of their fried specialties. One such person is Jerry “Beau Jack” Vaughn who has become well known for hush puppies he makes using his mother’s recipe. For years, he has been asked to cook them at all types of events.

One day the good folks at the local church, where Beau Jack and his wife Pat attended, were looking for a way to raise some funds for a project and the pastor’s wife suggested since everyone loved Beau Jack’s hush puppies, perhaps Beau Jack would be willing to make up some bags of his hush puppy mix and sell them at the local farmer’s market to raise money. This way anyone could cook Beau Jack’s hush puppies at home and enjoy the golden fried morsels.

The goal was to sell fifty bags of hush puppy mix and they were all sold within two hours and people wanted more! It was at that moment Beau Jack and his wife knew they were onto something big.

Soon, they were selling Beau Jack’s Hush Puppy Mix at farmer’s markets and festivals all around the State of Mississippi. They found success by cooking samples of their hush puppy mix at the events and while the aroma alone was enough to help sell the mixes, when people tasted the hush puppies themselves, they just couldn’t get enough!

There are a lot of hush puppy recipes out there, but Beau Jack’s Hushpuppy recipe was passed down to him from his mother, Odean Vaughn, who was the original hush puppy Queen! Passing down recipes is a Southern tradition started by families wanting to preserve and enjoy foods made just “like grandma used to make”. The Vaughn family has always put their heart and soul into every dish they cooked. Fortunately, they shared their recipes and love with generations of Vaughns through the years. Essentially, at Beau Jack’s, they are simply just continuing the tradition of sharing the foods they love with everyone who purchases any of Beau Jack’s Mixes.

Over time, Beau Jack’s expanded their product line to include a variety of mixes. For example, as the weather became cooler toward the end of the 2013, they decided a deer steak mix recipe handed down from Beau Jack’s grandfather would be a great addition to their offerings. Their customers loved the flavor and the deer steak mix became their second big hit. People liked it so much they bought the mixes as Christmas stocking stuffers! It was the perfect answer to the age old question, “What do you buy a deer hunter for Christmas?”

Beau Jack’s has always been driven to make their customers happy and one of the secrets to their success so far has been their willingness to listen to their customers. After beginning their journey into retail marketplaces, a local butcher in a small town asked if Beau Jack’s could make a batter mix that would work for beef or pork. The results was a Country Fried Steak Mix which has sold very well, satisfying the request of the butcher and giving customers a new, easy and quick way to make great country fried steaks!

Every product Beau Jack’s makes is passed from their family to yours and includes over 100 years worth of family recipes. All of their products are made just north of Meridian, MS. The ingredients are purchased from local Mississippi suppliers. All of Beau Jack’s products are made in Mississippi by a Mississippi family using Mississippi recipes.

And the customers love it!

Beau Jack’s is available online and in 150 retail locations in Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana. Beau Jack’s mixes are hand made with only the freshest ingredients.

Beau Jack hope you’ll give them a try because he knows your family will love Beau Jack’s Mixes as much as his family does.

Learn more or order Beau Jack’s Mixes online at their website:

Artifact Beard Oils & Tonics

Question: What do you get when you mix an archaeologist and a full beard? Answer: If the archaeologist is Mississippian James Turner, you get Artifact Beard Oils & Tonics!

Let’s let James tell his own story…

Artifact Beard Oils & Tonics grew from two passions in my life. One, being my career as a professional archaeologist here in Mississippi for the past 20 years. The other was my love for growing a nice, full beard!  Over the years I have tried countless beard oils and products and never found just the right “fit” and rarely purchased the same product twice. Over time I learned what characteristics of certain products I liked and others that I did not. With this in mind, I decided to have a go at making my own. I began reading up on the subject and carefully researched and experimented with the various properties of specific carrier and essential oils in an attempt to create my own unique blends that would not only smell amazing and soften and condition my beard and skin, but would be light, easily absorbed, and not overly greasy like many beard oils can be. 

After successfully creating some fabulous blends, my wife approached me with the idea of producing and selling the product. From this, the idea for Artifact Beard Oils & Tonics was born. 

What better way to “blend” my two passions than to name the beard oils “artifact”? Sure, it’s a catchy name, and, after all, with more than two decades experience as an archaeologist and professor, I know that angle.  Creating a brand centered on archaeology seemed appropriate. Many of these natural oils have been used for millennia across various civilizations for their beneficial properties. Just consider all of the famous beards throughout history, as well! 

All of our beard oils are carefully crafted by hand in small batches using only the finest of ingredients. Our signature line of 5 different blends contain all-natural ingredients that will leave your beard and skin looking and feeling its best. All of our beard oils are proudly made in Madison, Mississippi, USA!  And, we have more products in the works so please stay tuned! 

Artifact Beard Oils & Tonics’ signature line is now available at and

Artifact Beard Oils & Tonics can also be found on social media at:

De Kalb Regional Model Railroad Museum

De Kalb is a town in and the county seat of Kemper County, Mississippi. De Kalb is named after General Johann de Kalb, a Franconian-French military officer who served as a major general in the Continental Army during the American Revolutionary War.

De Kalb is located in central Kemper County between Shuqualak to the north, Philadelphia to the west, Scooba to the east and Meridian to the south. And if you happen to find yourself anywhere near De Kalb, MS, you should give Jim Hobgood a call and arrange for a tour of the De Kalb Regional Model Railroad Museum.

jim hobgood, conductor
Jim Hobgood With His Trains
Photo Courtesy Of The Meridian Star

Hobgood has been fascinated by trains since he was a child watching trains go by his childhood home. Not content to watch trains go by, Jim determined he would ride some trains and its became a life long travel passion that he enjoys to this day.

model train
Photo Courtesy Of The Meridian Star

Toy trains have also fascinated him and over the years he has amassed quite a collection of model trains, train paraphernalia and train related historical items. At some point, he decided to create his own museum to share his enjoyment of trains with the public and so in the heart of De Kalb sits the De Kalb Regional Model Train Museum.

model train
Photo Courtesy Of The Meridian Star

Jim once served as the Mayor of Marion, MS, he’s been a state representative and he worked for the State of Mississippi in other capacities, but in his retirement, he decided to indulge his love of trains both full size and miniature. “It’s still a work in progress,” Hobgood said. “It is not finished by any means. I like trains and sharing with others. It’s a labor of love.”

de kalb regional model railroad museum
Photographer: Jim Hobgood

The museum is located on 299 Main St. in DeKalb. You can schedule an individual or group tour by calling Jim Hobgood at (601) 938-1729.

Read a great article about the museum at The Meridian Star

Landrum’s Homestead & Village

On a recent day trip to Laurel, MS, my wife and I decided to stop and take the walking tour through something called Landrum’s Homestead & Village and we were certainly glad we did. After paying the small admission fee, we walked through a set of double glass doors and stepped back into time.

The first sight we saw was a beautifully constructed fountain and the sound of gurgling water which was only a prelude to the water wheel we saw just a few paces further up the path. We crossed under an arbor covered with Wisteria vines which we were sure would be beautiful in the spring when it bloomed but which was just a tangled web of vines since we were visiting at the end of January. It added to our sense of mystery as we started on our self-exploration of this landscape of old buildings full of artifacts from a by-gone era.

Once upon a time just a few miles outside of Laurel, Thomas Landrum decided to build a building in a pecan grove to show his grandchildren how it was done in the old days. And then he built another. And another. Until his first building had turned into a village. The Landrums believed future generations would benefit from seeing how their ancestors lived, so Landrum and his family opened the village to the public. Now, managed by Thomas’ children, Bruce Landrum and Deborah Landrum Upton, the village is a living history museum spread over 30 acres of land featuring more than 85 different buildings and/or exhibits.

With just a few steps and after crossing the man-made creek feeding the waterwheel which drives the gristmill, we stepped back in time to the 1800’s and found ourselves looking around at unique antique buildings serving every kind of purpose you can imagine. From the aforementioned gristmill to restored cabins to tool sheds to barnyards, you’ll see it all at Landrum’s Homestead & Village.

Established in 1984. What started out as a Family project to teach their Grandchildren how their forefathers lived has turned into , “A Living History Museum”, where they encourage others to remember and learn the history of their ancestors and the importance of hard work, family dependence on each other and the need to preserve our collective heritage.

A replica of a standard 1800’s settlement, Landrum’s Homestead and Village can offer visitors an experience like no other. History comes to life at this Laurel attraction. The historically accurate village includes a general store, smokehouse, shooting gallery, trading post, Indian village, schoolhouse, blacksmith shop, a chapel, and more. This place is a wonderful place to remember the past by emersing yourself in history, celebrate the present with family events and anticipate the future with weddings. You can do it all at Landrum’s Homestead & Village.

To top it all over, shop at the gift shop where you’ll find lots of jewelry, home decor, toys and candy to purchase and take home with you. You can create memories at Landrum’s and take some home with you too!

Location & DirectionsLandrum’s Homestead & Village
1356 Highway 15 South
Laurel, MS 39443

From I-59, take Exit 96-B/Cook Avenue. Located 4.5 miles down on your left.
Contact InformationPhone: 601-649-2546
Hours Of OperationOpen Year Round

Walk In Visitors: Thursday – Saturday 9AM – 4PM

Groups By Appointment Only: Monday – Saturday 9AM – 4PM

Admission: $10.00; Children 3 and under enter FREE

Sciple’s Mill

Stretched over Running Tiger Creek in DeKalb, MS is a vision of the past with a reality in the present. Since 1790, Sciple’s Mill has been grinding corn and producing corn meal and grits for customers. The process hasn’t changed since the beginning and customers love the results. If you’ve never eaten stone ground grits, then you have led a sheltered life indeed.

The Sciple family purchased the grist mill between 1850 and 1860. Seven generations of this family have used the power of water to make quality corn meal and grits the old fashion way.

Sciple's Mill Corn Meal Bag
Photo Credit: Scott Lipsey

The mill operates as it did more than 200 years ago and is powered by water from a dammed up creek. The water turns a Leffel turbine that was installed during renovation in 1880. Corn and wheat are ground between two round 42-inch-diameter stones and turned into grits, cornmeal and flour. The bottom stone is stationary and weighs 2,100 pounds. The upper stone rotates and weighs 1,600 pounds. The turbine produces about 50 horsepower and has plenty of power to grind the toughest wheat and corn.

Surprisingly, their business model is based upon the same model the original owners started using in 1790 when the mill started operation. If you bring grain to be milled, you won’t pay in money, you’ll be charged 1/8th of the corn or wheat being ground. So, if you bring 100 pounds of corn to be ground, the mill will take 12.5 pounds of the corn for their services and the remainder belongs to you. The Mill then bags and sells their portion to the public to earn money. For example, 10 pounds of cornmeal is about $6, two pounds of grits or three pounds of flour will run you about $3.

If you want to see the mill, you can come by any time and buy cornmeal, flour, grits and fish fry on the honor system. If you want to see the Mill in operation, that usually happens from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. on Saturdays.

Sciple’s also sells to restaurants, about 15-20 stores and they can take orders by phone and ships them.

Sciple’s Mill is located at 525 Sciples Mill Rd, De Kalb, MS 39328-6955, Telephone: (601) 743-2295.

Featured Image Photo Credit: Barbara Gauntt/Clarion Ledger

Delta Dirt Shirts

Delta Dirt Shirts are the perfect Mississippi souvenir for three reasons:

  1. The Mississippi Delta is world famous for cotton, so we begin with a white 100% heavy cotton t-shirt.
  2. The t-shirts are then hand dyed with Mississippi mud, using the red clay soil that gives the shirts a marbleized beautiful peach color. Just like nature, no two t-shirts are exactly the same.
  3. Local artists have created designs that they would want to wear.  Featuring artwork by Don Jacobs whose extensive mural in the Governor’s Mansion grabbed a lot of attention, Drew Harris whose mural work is found all over Vicksburg, and Carrie Chennault, a young energic up-and-coming graphics artist out of Clinton.

Launching with 5 original designs that highlight all that is good in Mississippi the screen prints include a catfish, a steamboat, Crossroads guitars, Edward Tree’s concert “Blues” guitar and a Mighty MS image with many local icons.  Although there are 5 “original” designs a new design is set to be released every quarter.   When you wear a Delta Dirt Shirt, you’re truly wearing Mississippi.

Delta Dirt Shirts is based in Vicksburg, and born from the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 by Kendra Reed.  Fearing that retailers and artist friends would suffer economic uncertainty, Delta Dirt Shirts was created to keep Mississippi working.  Specializing in unique local swag, and focusing on the natural hand dyed process.  These tees are not like any other Southern themed shirts.  Delta Dirt Shirts are available in many retail outlets found at our online store;  Please like and follow us on Facebook @DeltaDirtShirt.

Delta Dirt Shirts is one of the first participants in the Vicksburg Chamber of Commerce Entrepreneurship Bootcamp series facilitated by Rob Burnham and Venture Incubator and a contender for the grant.  Partnering with the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) and other excellent resources like MadeInMississippi its hard to find anything more home grown than Delta Dirt Shirt.

Be sure to get yours!

Hammerhead Armor

Hammerhead Armor was started in 2008 by employees of Hol-Mac Corporation. Hol-Mac is known for creating the highest quality of heavy equipment. Inspired by the strength of Hol-Mac’s steel, some off-road enthusiasts in the company decided they wanted to produce something they were passionate about: the best aftermarket bumper possible. They created Hammerhead Armor and began making high-quality bumpers that bolt directly to a vehicle’s frame. No cutting, welding, or drilling required.

Held to the same standards as Hol-Mac’s industrial grade products, every Hammerhead bumper has been engineered and built by American craftsmen in our manufacturing facility in Bay Springs, Mississippi. Hammerhead bumpers are only welded by personnel with AWS D1.1 welding certification, ensuring your bumper is built to last. We are proud to provide cutting-edge bumpers that are “A1” in quality.

Since 2008, Hammerhead Armor has grown to include more than 450 dealers across the United States, Puerto Rico, Canada, and Australia.  Our products are not only limited to bumpers, Hammerhead produces tool boxes, running boards, headache racks, and a large range of accessories for Jeeps. We take pride in the quality of our products and the fact that we have the easiest bumpers to install. Visit us at to see our wide range of products to meet your off-road and vehicle protection needs.

Film Natchez

Natchez has a storied past in the film industry with films such as Show Boat, Huckleberry Finn, and Freedom Road calling Natchez home. In recent years, director Tate Taylor has brought several films to Natchez, including Get On Up, Ma, and most recently Breaking News in Yuba County. Fitting with Taylor’s mission to bring rural development and economic equality to the Miss-Lou region through a new creative economy, Taylor and producer John Norris founded the Film Natchez non-profit.

Film Natchez aims to promote the film industry through education, diverse community outreach, and workforce development. Film Natchez is partnering with the local public schools, community colleges, and several universities to create educational programs to prepare students for careers in the film industry. They will also be holding workshops where emerging filmmakers can learn skills from career professionals. Film Natchez is partnering with local small businesses to help connect their products and services to the needs of the film industry.

If you would like to get involved, please visit

Fudge Etc. – Fudge Lovers Fudge

Fudge EtceteraLooking for something sweet? You need to check out Fudge Etc!

Janet and Wallace Heggie are the owners of a specialty fudge business located in Meridian, MS and they create some of the creamiest, tastiest fudge you will ever put in your mouth. Fudge is one of those interesting sweet treats that requires a little bit of chemistry, a knowledge of sugar crystals and a lot of patience. Many people find making their own fudge more than a little daunting, but it’s a lot less scary now that Fudge Etc is in your corner!

The basic recipe for fudge is to mix sugar, butter and milk, heat it to the soft-ball stage at 240 °F (116 °C), and then working or beating the mixture while it cools so it will take on a smooth, creamy consistency. As they say, its easier said than done.

Fudge has been around for a long time and may have actually been discovered by accident:

From HowStuffWorks: Although the origins of many foods are in doubt, there’s a strong suggestion that fudge was first created in the Eastern United States in the late 1800s and is the result of a happy accident made by one, or possibly a group of Vassar College students attempting to make caramels. We find the first mention of it in a letter written by Emelyn Battersby Hartridge about a recipe she’d obtained from the cousin of a school friend.

No one knows if fudge started life with its distinctive name, or just exactly how the name became popular, but by 1895, carrying the “fudge” moniker, it appeared in a nationally syndicated write up in the Boston Globe. Fudge had made the big time [source: Practically Edible].

Wikipedia claims that “Hartridge obtained the fudge recipe and, in 1890, made 30 lb (14 kg) of fudge for the Vassar College Senior Auction. This Vassar fudge recipe became quite popular at the school for years to come. Word of this popular confectionery spread to other women’s colleges. For example, Wellesley College and Smith College have their own versions of a fudge recipe dating from the late 19th or early 20th century.”

But here’s the key:

Controlling the crystallization of the supersaturated sugar solution is the key to making smooth fudge. Initiation of crystals before the desired time will result in fudge with fewer, larger sugar grains. The final texture would then have a grainy mouthfeel rather than the smooth texture of high quality fudge.

I’ve had a lot of fudge with that grainy mouthfeel and I gotta tell you, it’s not always pleasant. When a fudge has large sugar crystal, you lose a lot of the flavor and it takes on the consistency of pralines. Now I’m going to upset some folks with this, but I’ve never been a fan of the pralines (I know there are a lot of people who are, just being honest here) and I think a lot of that is based on the texture of pralines.

Fudge Etc. has somehow figured out how to avoid grainy texture in their different flavors and perhaps the secret is found right on their website. Their secret recipe has been developed through a lot of trial & error but each batch is made with their families traditional care and concern. They started making just five (5) flavors of fudge and now their product line includes everything from chocolate to sweet potato flavored fudge.

If you want to learn more, contact them:


Fudge Etc.
5011 Poplar Springs Drive
Post Office Box 3083
Meridian, MS 39303

Or better yet, just visit their website and place an order today!

The Mississippi Arts + Entertainment Experience

The Mississippi Arts + Entertainment Experience (The MAX) is Mississippi’s best opportunity to showcase Mississippi’s worldwide legacy in every area of the arts, to honor Mississippi’s legends in arts and entertainment and to inspire tomorrow’s artists through exhibitions, performances, classes, and events. After 17 years of development from an idea to a reality, The Max opened in downtown Meridian, MS in the summer of 2018 with fanfare and high expectations.

The Max will blend a Hall of Fame, Museum Exhibits, Events and Learning Opportunities to highlight Mississippi’s contribution to the Arts in the past while stimulating and encouraging new artists to greater heights.

Visitors can take a walk through The Max’s iconic Hall of Fame which is a 360-degree exhibit showcasing the tremendous impact of Mississippians in the arts and entertainment world. The Hall of Fame rotunda is two stories high and completely surrounds visitors with a beautiful multimedia display.

Visitors can participate in immersive exhibits at The MAX which help them explore the birthplaces of some of the most iconic performers, writers and artists. Get to know their cultural influences, see their earliest forms of creative expression, and understand the raw creative process behind the work for which they are famous.

Events at The Max include special programs like Brown Bag Lunch days with live music, Yoga classes held in and around the iconic architecture, or special lectures led by artists who describe and explain their artistic process in detail. You can even rent The Max to create your own special experience. Weddings, Professional Gatherings, Social Mixers and kid-friendly parties are more fun at The Max! There’s plenty of space for gathers small and large.

Finally, education takes center stage at The Max. People of all ages can explore the life stories of Mississippi’s legends and expand their own creative education through hands-on workshops and events in every area of the arts: music, dance, drama, writing, visual arts and more.

Here’s some more information directly from The Max:

Mississippi Arts+Entertainment Experience (The MAX) is an exciting, first-of-its-kind multimedia tribute to the rich culture of creativity and the legacy of artists from all mediums who have called Mississippi home. With names like B.B. King, Elvis Presley, William Faulkner, John Grisham, Morgan Freeman, Jim Henson, Eudora Welty, Oprah Winfrey, and many, many more, Mississippi has a lot to celebrate. This is no ordinary destination. This is Mississippi to The MAX.


The MAX took its first step toward reality in 2001, when the Mississippi State Legislature enacted Senate Bill #2666, sowing the seeds for a major destination with a cultural impact that could extend far beyond Mississippi. Over the decade to follow, a dedicated board and a supportive celebrity committee pressed on toward our fundraising goals, despite financial blows from both Hurricane Katrina and the Great Recession.  In 2009, nearly ten years of hard work reaped a tangible reward—the unveiling of The MAX Hollywood-style Walk of Fame. Six years later, on October 3, 2015, The MAX officially broke ground in downtown Meridian, Mississippi.

The MAX opened April 28, 2018.


A modern silhouette and large glass windows make The MAX an architectural icon in the historic backdrop of downtown Meridian. The 58,500 square-foot-space was designed by LPK Architects of Meridian.


The MAX is not a traditional collecting museum. The exhibit design combines artifacts and the latest in interactive technology for a unique visitor experience.

Exhibit design: Gallagher & Associates, Silver Spring, MD
Exhibit fabricator: Solomon Group, New Orleans, LA

First Floor
The MAX Hall of Fame Gallery is the centerpiece of the museum. The eighteen artists represented in the gallery are the inaugural class of The MAX Hall of Fame. The class includes:

Walter Inglis Anderson, Painter                Elvis Presley, Musician
William Faulkner, Writer                            Leontyne Price, Opera Soprano
Morgan Freeman, Actor                             Jimmie Rodgers, Musician
John Grisham, Writer                                  Sela Ward, Actor
Jim Henson, Puppeteer                              Muddy Waters, Bluesman
Robert Johnson, Bluesman                         Eudora Welty, Writer
James Earl Jones, Actor                               Tennessee Williams, Playwright
B.B. King, Bluesman                                     Oprah Winfrey, Entertainer
George Ohr, Potter                                     Richard Wright, Writer

Second Floor
The second floor is divided into six galleries that focus on influences on Mississippi artists, past and present: Land, Home, Community, Church, People + Places, and the Global  Community.

To Learn more…

The Mississippi Arts + Entertainment Experience
2155 Front Street
Meridian, MS 39301
P.O. Box 148
Meridian, MS 39302

or visit their website at


MS Congeniality – Jaimee Dorris

People from other states sometimes ask me how Mississippi has ended up with so many authors, athletes, musicians and entertainers. And on first glance, it does seem like there is something in the water or the food or the mud in this State that makes native Mississippians different somehow. But as a native Mississippian, I think I have a unique take on what makes us different and I believe I’m as qualified as the next Mississippian to offer my thoughts on the subject.

You see, Mississippi mommas and daddies have for generations been raising their children to be bold and adventurous, to find their special place in the world by embracing what makes them different. This method of child rearing produces children who are not bashful, wallflowers or quiet.

I think part of it stems from the fact so many people who aren’t from Mississippi look down on Mississippi folks and culture and therefore, we know the only people who will toot our horn is ourselves. That was kind of why I started in the first place. Just between you and me, I didn’t really create this website to promote Mississippi to outsiders as much as I wanted to remind people who were born and raised here that we are a special kind of people and we have a lot to be proud of around here.

As it turns out, I’m not the only person out there trying to celebrate the Mississippi people, places and things that make life here so quirky and wonderful. And speaking of quirky, I’m about to introduce you to one of most interesting self-appointed Mississippi Ambassadors I’ve run across so far while editing

Her name is Jaimee Dorris but you can just call her MS Congeniality! (But, don’t ever, ever call her bashful!)

According to her website (, she is the owner of a web design studio in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi a wife, ex-wife, mother, stepmother, sister, daughter, friend, and pet-owner. She describes herself this way:

I have a degree in broadcast news, a flair for theatrics, an affinity towards greater self-awareness, and an obsession with dresses. My hair is natural – dirty blonde with silver streaks. I abhor waste, thoughtlessness, and inefficiency.  I dance the tango, rap hiphop, wear bright red lipstick, and love riding my bike. No day is complete without a cold brew coffee from the Cat Island Coffee Shop.

In 2016, she competed for the title of Mrs. Mississippi America just because and even though she’d never been in a pageant before, she won the title of Mrs. Congeniality Mississippi. So, in case you were wondering, she technically didn’t come by the name “MS Congeniality” without some bona fides.

I became aware of Jaimee when she sent me an email via this website to tell me how much she appreciated and enjoyed the work we do here, but after looking at some of the work she is doing with her web show, MS Congeniality with Jaimee Dorris, I wrote her back and asked her to let me feature her and her show on our website as one of those things we think makes Mississippi great. I asked Jaimee to write a few things about herself, her work and her thoughts about Mississippi, so I could incorporate her thoughts into this post. And while I waited, I checked out her site a couple more times to try and figure her out.

I find Jaimee to be one of those people who have IT, if you know what I mean. Just watch her videos for MS Congeniality or any of the other videos at her YouTube Channel. Whether scripted or unscripted, she’s just fun to watch, and I think I know at least a couple of reasons for this:

  1. Jaimee is fearless. Whether she is singing a rap song or dancing to a song only she can hear, she couldn’t care less who is watching or how good or bad she is doing whatever she is doing. She seems to convey the message that it doesn’t really matter whether you are doing something good or bad, it matters more that you are doing something at all and that the doing of that thing makes you happy. In other words, happiness is found in the journey not the destination.
  2. Jaimee is a great conversationalist. I’ve been doing talk radio as a hobby for over 20 years now and I can tell you that the secret to success in talk radio is being able to carry on a conversation with anyone and Jaimee has this talent in spades. Just watch her videos. It doesn’t matter if it is a five year old kid or a world weary adult, Jaimee can draw out the person she is talking to and get them to reveal glimpses of their inner selves to her audience. Sometimes she can elicit joy and sometimes its pain, but in either case it is done with grace and compassion.
  3. Jaimee is unashamedly high on Mississippi. Her work was initially focused on South Mississippi and in particular the Gulf Coast but based on her comments she is just as excited about the prospect to get to interview Mississippians from all parts of the State. She and I both believe that Mississippi is one of the best kept secrets in the United States and we both believe it will only get better if we stand up and tell the great story of our beloved home State.

As I said, I asked Jaimee to send me some information about herself for this article and after reading it, I decided I should just let her speak for herself:

Mississippi is full of beautiful places and beautiful people. And that’s exactly what the online series, MS Congeniality, is all about. The show was birthed out of the desire to give the world a glimpse of how cool Mississippi really is. We are more than farmers and plantation owners. We’re business owners, artists, and trend setters. The MS Con team has been interviewing people all over the state who are defying Mississippi stereotypes. And the people we’ve discovered throughout the first 22 webisodes of MS Congeniality have shocked and surprised even us!

Our show is called MS Congeniality, not just because I won the title in the Mrs. Mississippi America pageant, but because Mississippi wins the title too. We’re the state with the most personality.. the most quirks! And we certainly don’t fit your classic standard of beauty, although we’ll sure make you laugh.

We don’t only want to entertain the audience with fun and games and interesting people. Our goal is to help make Mississippi better in the process. We’re partnering with local environmental causes and organizations to donate a portion of our proceeds. We are super passionate about taking care of the wonderful place we get to call home.

Over the next year we’re traveling across the state, from the coast to the delta. It’s season 2 of the show. We’re on the lookout for Mississippi’s best, brightest, silliest, and realest people. In five years, I hope the show can have a nationwide audience, creating a stir and making Mississippians proud to be from here.

Most people waste a lot of time looking at cat videos on the internet (which by the way, if the cats ever figure out we are laughing at them, there will definitely be hell to pay, I’m just saying), but here’s a thought: perhaps your time could be better spent checking out some of the people from around Mississippi who make this one of the most wonderful and magical places to live in the world. And, I guarantee you won’t find a more interesting host to introduce you to these people than Jaimee Dorris aka MS Congeniality!

Truth is, Jaimee’s momma and daddy did not raise her to be bashful or a wallflower or quiet. They raised her to embrace her special-ness and either share it with the world, or conquer the world with it.

I’m not really sure which and I’m not really sure it matters.


Sherman’s Restaurant – Greenville, MS

In Mississippi, when you tell someone you are heading to Greenville, everyone will tell you to eat at Doe’s Eat Place which may or may not be the greatest steak ever (the debate will rage on forever I guess). However, when my wife and I recently took a road trip up through the Delta, we decided to take the road less traveled and after checking out the reviews on Trip Advisor, we decided to try Sherman’s Restaurant instead.

What a great choice!

Where Doe’s claim to fame may be their steaks, snarky service, tamales and less than perfect ambience, Sherman’s niche is more about giving the visitor a more well-rounded experience. Their menu has great steaks on it (I know because the steak I had there was one of the top five steaks I’ve ever had in my life), but they also have tamales, a variety of soups and salads, appetizers, pasta, burgers, seafood and just about anything else you want.

When we arrived, it was clear that Sherman’s was not overly fancy and the dress code was casual. We saw people in jeans and t-shirts and others in jackets and ties. The dining room is simple but nicely appointed with a very home-like appeal. In the far right corner was the bar area with a bar and a few tables separated from the regular dining area by a dark wooden partial wall that was about chest high. You could still see into the bar area over the wall, but there was a clear effort to separate the two sections which I could appreciate for families with children who might want to eat there. The ceiling was low which seemed to add to the coziness of the place and tables and chairs were all comfortable.

Our waitress was a young girl who was not afraid to offer suggestions or answer questions for us. After presenting us with our menus, she told us of the specials and then stayed with us for a few minutes to answer any questions when we told her it was our first time there.

When I took my first look at the menu, I found something I’d never heard of before: fried tamales which is apparently a thing in the Delta. When I did the article on tamales for this website, I had only experienced tamales outside the delta and was completely unaware of this delicacy’s existence. So, of course, I had to to give them a try particularly after the waitress said that the fried tamales at Sherman’s were her favorites.

Basically, it’s a standard tamale, dunked in a light batter and then deep fried. The meat in the center is ground or minced as opposed to shredded pork or beef which is what I’m most familiar with. As the photo shows, the appetizer comes with three fried tamales on the plate which is probably just the right number for two people.

To me, fried tamales taste a lot like taquitos which are meat wrapped in a corn tortilla and then fried. The ingredients are about the same even if the execution is a lot different. There’s not many places in the delta where you cannot get a tamale, but I’m really glad that my first experience with a fried tamale was at Sherman’s because they were excellent and even though I tried other fried tamales on the same trip, none of them was equal to the ones at Sherman’s.

Sherman’s menu shows that they have shrimp bisque which happens to be one of our favorite dishes and so we ordered some even thought we thought there was a salad included with our meals. We were pleasantly surprised to learn from the waitress that you can substitute soup for your salad and that they do it all the time.  When our cups of bisque came I found mine was not hot enough and they were very gracious and took it back and heated it until it was perfect. The bisque was amazing and frankly had more shrimp in it than any other shrimp bisque I’ve ever eaten. The cup was just the right portion to go with our meal, but I could have easily eaten a bowl of this delicious soup!

The wife and I ordered ribeye steaks as our meal and the choices here are plentiful. The first thing you notice on Sherman’s menu is that the ribeyes come in two sizes: Small (14-16oz) or Large (20oz). I ended up ordering the Steak and Shrimp which was a small (hah!) ribeye with four gulf shrimp (I got fried, but you can get grilled). The next challenge was picking my side dish to go with my meal. Interestingly, because of the numerous pasta selections on the menu, you can pick pasta as your side dish to go with any entree. In this case, the wife picked the consomme rice and when I found out that I could get asparagus, I picked that.

When the steaks came, we learned that they make their own steak sauce at Sherman’s but the waitress offered to bring us the standard A-1 or Heinz 57 if we preferred. We decided to stick with the homemade sauce and it was very tasty, but frankly a good steak doesn’t need much and as perfectly done and seasoned as our steaks were, we didn’t eat much of the sauce. In fact, my wife asked for a to-go cup just for our sauce so we could take it home with us and not waste it. The asparagus was tender and perfectly done and we ate our steaks with great relish because after our long drive to Greenville, we were quite hungry but the size of the steaks meant we had to pass on desert!

Sherman’s is a quite simply one of the best all-around restaurant experiences I’ve had. It has history and a casual atmosphere, friendly and knowledgeable staff and best of all great food. The cost was reasonable for a dining experience of this quality and about half of what we expected to pay at other Greenville landmarks and we had a wonderful, relaxing meal that couldn’t have been better.

From Sherman’s website:

Charles & Rosalea Sherman opened Sherman’s Grocery Store in 1947 on the corner of South Main Street and Reed Road.  While it originally opened as a neighborhood grocery and meat market, they also provided their customers with delicious desserts, charge accounts and home delivery service.

In the late 1950’s Charles Sherman Sr. opened a deli in the rear of the store, which once served as the small apartment where he and Rosalea lived.   In 1970, Charles, Jr. returned from college to the family business, ran the deli and assisted his father in managing the grocery store.

Charles, Jr. and his wife then bought the grocery and deli from his parents in 1978. In October of 1984, Charles, Jr. decided to change the family business into a full-time lunch and dinner restaurant.  In June of 1985, Sherman’s Restaurant was born, with his family’s blessing.

In 2012, Charles, Jr. decided to retire for more time to spend with family and especially his 3 grandchildren.  He sold the restaurant to a local family,  Peter & Allison Nimrod.  Peter, a civil engineer and Allison, a business owner are both long time residents of Greenville where they are raising their three children.

If you happen to be near Greenville, MS, consider dropping in on Sherman’s and fill-up on some of the best food you can get in the Delta. We loved it and we think you will too!